Hole Eleven

Par 4, Yards 344, Stroke 10
Par 4 Yards 326 Stroke 10
Hole Description

The 11th is a short dog-leg right with a large grassy gully to carry to reach the main part of the fairway. A line of bunkers means a crack at the green is very hazardous, so laying up short of the bunkers is the sensible shot. However, it’s sometimes hard to resist going for the green with a following breeze! The left part of the green slopes down to the right, and the right part slopes marginally back to the left. A bunker short right catches weak approaches and anything played too strongly will run swiftly off the back of the green. Another new championship tee stretches the hole a further twelve yards. In 2012 we had the wettest year on record. on occasions, for a few hours, the 11th even sprung a temporary water hazard