Hole Sixteen

Par 4, Yards 408, Stroke 8
Par 4 Yards 408 Stroke 8
Hole Description

This is the start of the downhill stretch back to the clubhouse, and it's worth taking a moment to enjoy the view along the coastline. The town just visible over the trees is Budleigh Salterton, and the beach in front of it curves round to Otter Head at the mouth of the River Otter. Beyond that is the site of the old Budleigh golf course which pre-dated East Devon. Erosion of the cliff has made it necessary for us to realign the 16th, the new strike line creates a slight right hand dog-leg. The two copses of pine trees have gone and have been replaced by a couple of bunkers at about 220 and 280 yards. The approach to the green has been levelled out and the wooden sleepers at the front edge of the green have gone; this creates a blind spot, so be careful with your club selection. The approach.the green is well protected on the left by a new bunker.