Hole Seventeen

Par 4, Yards 453, Stroke 4
Par 4 Yards 453 Stroke 4
Hole Description

This is a tough hole, loved and hated pretty much in equal measure. Many feel it’s the best hole on the course. It's certainly the hardest on most occasions, as is shown by the competition statistics virtually every month. This is the last hole affected by the cliff erosion changes. The new tee has been moved inland, creating a magnificent left hand dog-leg. The hole is the same length as before and with a fantastic view from the tee along the coast. The fairway is more generous in width than would appear from the tee, but miss it left and you could be re-loading, or right and you’ll be very lucky to find your ball and if you do, it is almost certainly a 5 at best. Driving beyond the marker post is ill-advised, too, as the steep heathery slope eats golf balls.