Hole Eighteen

Par 4, Yards 339, Stroke 18
Par 4 Yards 339 Stroke 18
Hole Description

This is a relatively friendly finishing hole which gives the opportunity to impress those in the clubhouse with your approach shot to the green - or not! Avoid the heather down the right and the practice ground further right which is out of bounds. The solitary fairway bunker can catch a long drive and leave an awkward approach, so clearly it’s best avoided too. The green is guarded on the left and at the front right by a pair of bunkers, and all around the back and on the right by banks and hummocks. However, the green is quite large so presents a fair target, and the ball can be run in from the front left if necessary. A few lumps and bumps can make reading the green awkward, depending on where the pin has been placed.