Hole Nine

Par 4, Yards 468, Stroke 5
Par 4 Yards 468 Stroke 5
Hole Description

The long downhill par 4 9th was once mentioned in a feat of long driving when, in September 1934, Mr T. H. V. Haydon of Royal Wimbledon was recorded as having driven to the front edge of the green on the 456 yard hole (as it measured then). Even today, with modern equipment and the wind at your back, you wonder how this green could be reachable. The truth is, for most mere mortals it isn't - with a headwind, it’s often out of reach even in two shots for all but the longest hitters! Clearly, then, how this hole plays is hugely dependent upon the weather conditions at the time. The approach shot generally plays shorter than the yardage might suggest, and so finding this green in regulation is quite awkward. With a heather bank on the left and a steep drop off the right edge of the green, the ball needs to be threaded carefully on to the putting surface.